Sunday, 16 September 2012

Rainy Day Re-decorating.

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Sunday 16/09/2012

Rainy Day Re-decorating.

Today has been a drizzly Sunday so Mr N and I decided to put on our D.I.Y. caps and get stuck into some well overdue jobs round the house.

We woke early so after breakfast together, we got stuck in. I have shabby chic-ified our chunky farmhouse antique pine coffee table and a nest of pine tables that I picked up recently for £4 (a real bargain!) that practically match our coffee table. I sanded the tops of each of the coffee tables and painted them in an antique cream matt finish paint. Whilst waiting for them to dry off I did a little mandatory housework whilst Mr N took down some shelves and storage in preparation for creating the room into a library.

Once the tables were touch-dry I finished them with some varnish to seal from stains and coffee rings, Mr N never uses our coasters! They now look really cool even if I do say so myself and completely suit our home.

We have also done some sorting out of things for our local charity shops in an attempt to de-clutter. Well I did some sorting out; Mr N on the other hand is loathed to part with anything he always says, “Oh that will come in use.” What he thinks he will do with an old school rucksack that has holes in and tons of odd and ends that have no real purpose but hey they are his bits and bobs.

As much as we had intended to spend the whole day finishing bits of decorating and finishing odd jobs around the house the lure of a lazy Sunday together soon became too much to resist. The rain was coming down fast and much noisier than earlier in the day and its hypnotic sound found us snuggled up on the sofa with Charliepuppy taking up most of the space. He is a smallish doggy but unfortunately for him, he is sporting one of those funny buster collars. He has to wear it for a few days to stop him licking his paw as he hurt it and then licked it unrelinquished and caused a tiny infection to which he has antibiotics. The poor pup. At first it was to our great amusement that he couldn’t climb the stairs or jump up on the sofa as he couldn’t gage the size of the collar but now we just feel sorry for the little mite as he does look incredibly depressed inside his lampshade.

We just sat there listening to the rain and enjoying the lazy Sunday. It was lovely. To keep with the lazy Sunday theme Mr N called at our local chippy for a Fish Supper and so we have spent the rest of the day watching things we have sky plussed and drinking cocoa.

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