Thursday, 26 July 2012

"Whatever the Weather"

 1st Blog Post - 
Thursday 26/07/2012

What a beautiful day to be sat here, starting a blog. As I write or rather type I am sat in the back garden, summer attire on (floral all in one jump suit, don’t be fooled I don’t always sound this wonderfully chic, I can be known to don a pair of lounge pants and a hooded jumper, in the colder months of course, so très not chic but comfortable and warm all the same.) sunglasses included as are flip-flops, they are a must in this sun and might I add heat.

Being lovely outdoorsy weather, I thought it a perfect excuse to get outside and soak up a healthy dose of vitamin D. Getting my legs out in the back garden in an attempt to make them less milky in colour seems a less daunting prospect than actually letting them out to see the public, something which neither I, nor them are quite ready for –thanks British weather for this minor fear of showing a little skin in appropriate clothing out in public. And also to your not so distant neighbour, as our summer holiday in Brittany didn’t provide much enjoyable weather either, thanks French France! A holiday we spent almost twelve months waiting for with great excitement only to be depleted, ever so slightly by the North Provence harbouring torrential rain and whilst in a caravan with your seven nieces and nephews, newly pregnant sister and five others -rain was not in the slightest bit welcome especially as the onsite pools were mostly outdoor. The young ones thought going in the pool whilst it was raining was great needless to say we only allowed them to do it once especially as my youngest nephew was practically going blue after 5 minutes in the water.

Well, being the Brit that I am I feel I can safely say I speak for most of us in saying we are never satisfied, well me, my Gran, my other half and our neighbour from three doors down at least, we complain when it rains seemingly routinely, then we behave in the same manner after we have enjoyed the first three hours of an actual ‘Summer Day’ I use the term loosely of course as this type of day doesn’t always occur in actual Summer. Being Britain we sometimes have snow in June and a hot, sunny day in December. That just about sums up our countries clime, unpredictable and unappreciated whatever the weather!


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