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Knick-Knacks, Bric-a-Brac. We give it all a home.

Knick-Knacks, Bric-a-Brac. We give it all a home.

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Even the most beautifully organised and minimalists among us all have precious knick-knacks hiding in cupboards, on shelves and stored in the loft and bric-a-brac items that really should have gone to a charity shop long ago.

After all however ruthless we like to be when doing that inevitable spring clean (not necessarily in spring might I add, I usually do a spring clean at the start of summer, autumn and winter too! But that’s because I have some defective gene from my paternal Grandmother which means I have to keep my home organised in a ridiculously scrupulous manner) there are just some things that you can’t help but tell yourself they will come in useful one day no matter how battered and worn. You also keep things because they remind you of something attached to a pleasant memory. I’m not talking your child or grandchild’s baby clothes or a greetings card but something less precious such as a mug that you bought when you were a student or a t-shirt that you wore to a party when you first drank something a little stronger than cherryade.

In the most recent of all mighty clear out’s Mr N and me found several unusual items that don’t even belong to us. Amongst the pile we found a five inch, yes I said five inch, black and white plug in television complete with reasonably non-tatty box. I know, I know I am usually a vintage-loving, retro hunting kinda-gal but on this occasion it was NOT something I had carefully collected at a thrift store but something we found in our loft shortly after moving in. I can just imagine Betty sat watching early episodes of Coronation Street at her ferule legged coffee table complete with formica top. Betty lived here before us and being the softy that I am when nearing exchange of contracts and they told us they would completely clear the house as soon as they could I said oh don’t worry whatever you don’t want just leave behind and we will rehouse. So alongside the teeny-tiny t.v there was a G-Plan record player in a teak sideboard style cabinet- so groovy but far too seventies for my taste (still going begging should anyone wish to collect!) Also a teak-ish wardrobe with the door in the middle and the clothes rails positioned each side going from front to back and a five hook claw in the middle, it sort of reminded me of something you would see in the art deco era in a Fred Astaire film. But being the crafty homemaker that I am I decided to up-cycle this vintage piece and I have transformed it into a shabby chic style armoire with just a lick of porcelain coloured paint and some stylish Mr and Mrs accessories. It now looks most at home in our master-bed.

As for bric-a-brac our homes are filled with them, giant stacks of jig-saws you’ve done that many times you could do with your eyes closed, endless boxes full of lego and building blocks that the kids don’t really play with anymore. Teddy bears and soft toys that the whole family have accumulated which let’s face it you only ever really have one teddy bear that you will treasure for ever. Mine being a green hippo my older sister brought me back from a school trip to Germany when I was only one. He has been stitched back together more times than I care to think of his eyes have rubbed off and my Grandmother has replaced various parts of him over the years in particular his label which I used to put my little finger through and would only go to sleep should I have him and a dodey, on the odd occasion he went missing I used to take one of my brothers vests with me for a nap- so I could put my finger through the label. Strange you might think…But having recently discovered a new baby/toddler toy strange I am not. What I am indeed referring to is Taggie

I could have been a millionaire if I have thought about it!

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To be continued……

-Mrs N x

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